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Bürkle Bio-PE Disposable Samplers with ACT®-Label

What is the ACT Label?

With the ACT label, the non-profit organisation My Green Lab has developed the first sustainability seal for laboratory products. The label provides clear information, verified by an independent organisation (Sustainable Management and Strategy Collaborative), on the environmental impact of laboratory products and thus facilitates the procurement of ecological laboratory products. The ACT label stands for accountability, consistency and transparency. Similar to the Nutri-Score for food, it shows how the product performs in various sustainability categories.

How to Interpret the ACT Label?

The ACT Label criteria were developed in collaboration with industry experts and external interest groups. Scientists, sustainability officers, procurement specialists, and manufacturers all provided valuable feedback on the criteria, resulting in a comprehensive product labeling program for laboratory products.
A score of 1 stands for the lowest environmental impact and a score of 10 for the highest environmental impact. For equipment, the values for energy and water consumption represent the actual daily consumption and may exceed a value of 10.

The Bürkle Bio-range with ACT® label

Our LaboPlast® Bio and SteriPlast® Bio product lines offer you products that meet all the requirements for high-quality sampling. The increased requirements can in part only be realised with single-use products. However, in order to take account of environmental considerations and ensure ecologically sustainable behaviour, we also offer these disposable products in bio-plastic.

LaboPlast® Bio products are manufactured from renewable raw materials in a clean room. SteriPlast® Bio products are additionally sterilised with gamma rays. Bio-PE is 100% recyclable and is manufactured using at least 94% fossil-free raw materials. This saves CO2 and reduces the greenhouse effect.
The entire organic range is also ACT-certified by My Green Lab.

Excellent product features

  • Perfectly suited for sampling
  • With EU food and FDA approval
  • Manufactured in Bürkle's own clean room
  • Also available gamma-sterilised as SteriPlast® Bio

Eco-friendly and sustainable

  • Product made from bioplastic
  • Made from renewable raw material
  • Saves CO2 and thereby reduces the greenhouse effect
  • 100 % recyclable

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