History of Bürkle

How it all started




Founded: 1950
In Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Otto Bürkle | Founder of commercial agency and wholesale business of pharmaceutical products Stuttgart - W.

After the turmoil of the second world war, Otto Bürkle went into business in Stuttgart as an independent commercial agent.
The office was set up in his 3-room private residence on the west side of Stuttgart.
The warehouse was located in the basement of his parents' house in Stuttgart Heslach.
A passenger car operating on wood gas served as the company car.

How it all started:

Pharmaceutical products for pharmacies and chemist's shops

The purpose of the fledgling company was to serve as a commercial agency for pharmacies and chemist's shops.
The product line included disinfectants for working animals, melissa spirits, analgesic tablets, razor blades and also intact grape sugar, which can still be found in pharmacies today.

OTAL bottling device for bottling aggressive liquids

Together with the chemical and pharmaceutical products, bottling devices were also sold that could be used in chemist's shops to dispense the household cleaning agents of the day (hydrochloric acid, bleach water, caustic soda, concentrated bleach/chlorine bleaching lye, liquid ammonia, water disinfecting agent, etc.) safely from large glass bottles. At the time these liquids, most of which are aggressive, were bottled from heavy glass carboys by tipping and pouring through a funnel, which was somewhat hazardous.
Otto Bürkle recognised this problem and offered chemists a solution with the OTAL bottling device. These pumps are still produced today!


Early trade show appearances of Otto Bürkle

1950s Achema trade fair in Frankfurt

The early trade show appearances in the 1950s brought customer contacts, some of which still continue to this day.

Trade shows such as INDROFA (International Chemists Trade Exhibition) have not been held for decades now. On the other hand, Achema, where Bürkle GmbH has always been represented since the 1950s, has now become the largest trade show in the world for chemical technology, environmental protection and biotechnology.


Death of Otto Bürkle - his son Veit Bürkle assumes leadership of the company


Veit Bürkle was 24 years old at this time and had completed training as a tool maker specialising in injection moulded plastic at OTAL in Lörrach.

Within a short time the commercial agency was terminated and business focused entirely on the bottling and laboratory equipment product groups.


First complete Bürkle catalogue

The first complete catalogue was printed in 1975. It was typed on an IBM spherical-head typewriter.


Beginning of in-house production


Company moves to Lörrach

In 1981 Veit Bürkle bought his instructional business, a plastic processing company, and moved the location of the company from Stuttgart to Lörrach. Many new products were developed in the ensuing years in the area of laboratory devices and bottling equipment and die cast tools were manufactured.

Basler Strasse 83, Lörrach – birthplace of many innovative products.


Printing of the first four-colour catalogue

Introduction of DTP. Since the end of the 1980s print publications can be created on the computer with DTP (desktop publishing applications).

Printing of the first four-colour catalogue in the plastics laboratory equipment industry.



Beginning of sampling


Bürkle launches its first samplers at the end of the 1980s. The beginning of a success story: In the following years, the company develops into a specialist for manual sampling.


First online shop


A web page already existed in the year 1995. From 1998 it was also possible to shop on the internet, the first Bürkle Internet shop went online.


Move to Bad Bellingen


Merger of previously separate business divisions

Bürkle GmbH is expanding and is moving to Bad Bellingen, about 20 kilometers away. Here, warehouses, production and administration are united in one complex. A total area of 18,000 m² includes a production building covering 1800 m² (tool manufacturing, plastic injection moulding and assembly), an 1800 m² warehouse (1000 pallet slots, 800 shelving racks) and an 800 m² modern office building. The production building and warehouse are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter using an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly groundwater heat exchanger.


Foundation of Bürkle Metall GmbH

Founding of the subsidiary Bürkle Metall GmbH in Eimeldingen. The subsidiary takes over the production and assembly of Bürkle metal products.


Acquisition of Company management of Bürkle GmbH


Acquisition of Company management of Bürkle GmbH by long-time Managing Director Martin Saint-Denis.


Start of cleanroom production

The cleanroom with cleanroom class 7 (10,000) enables production, assembly and packaging in a controlled environment - the cleanroom-manufactured and optionally sterilised disposable products are particularly important for customers in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.


Foundation of Burkle Inc.

Opening of the subsidiary Burkle Inc. in Bohemia, New York. The first international subsidiary is responsible for the distribution in the North American market.



Automated production

Extension of the clean room and automated production by a robot cell. From production through quality control to packaging, automated production takes care of everything independently and under clean room conditions.


Warehouse expansion and merger with Bürkle Metall

Due to a generous enlargement the storage area was extended to 4500 sqm. This created space for the previously independent subsidiary Bürkle Metall. With the unification of plastic and metal production under one roof, Bürkle GmbH was merged with Bürkle Metall GmbH.


Bürkle is a climate neutral company

The protection of the environment is the responsibility of all of us. We as a company are also aware of this. It is our goal to act in a way, that conserves resources as much as possible as well as reducing emissions – and through our sustainable actions, we have also been certified as a Climate Neutral Company.

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