Bürkle goes Bio

The purity of disposable products and ecological sustainability combined perfectly!

With our new LaboPlast® Bio and SteriPlast® Bio product lines, we offer you products that features all the properties for high-quality sampling.
The improved specifications in this area can in part only be realised with disposable products. However to take into account environmental awareness and to safeguard ecologically sustainable trade, we now also offer these disposable products made of bio-plastic.

LaboPlast® bio-products are only manufactured from renewable raw materials. SteriPlast® bio-products are also sterilised by gamma rays. This is 100 % recyclable and is manufactured without fossil raw materials. This also involves a CO2 saving as well as a reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Optimum product properties

  • A perfect match for sampling purposes
  • With EU foodstuffs and FDA approval
  • Mainly manufactured, assembled and packed in Bürkle’s own clean room
  • SteriPlast® Bio sterilised by gamma rays is also available


Environmentally friendly and sustainable

  • Product made of bio-plastic
  • Made of sustainable raw materials, dispensing with fossil materials
  • CO2 saving and thus reduction of the greenhouse effect
  • 100 % recyclable

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