Drill bits for mole

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There are various drill bits for Mole, which are each designed for very specific soil properties:

Clay and damp soil

With narrow side panels for minimum soil friction/resistance. As wet soils are usually very cohesive, the soil still adheres to the bit very well.


With broad side panels and therefore a large retention capacity for the sand.

Coarse sand

With extra broad side panels enclosing even more of the bit so that even coarse sandy soils and very dry soils are retained.


Retains both strongly cohesive and less cohesive soils.


Very suitable for drilling in hard, encrusted soils and soils mixed with fine gravel. The drill cutters project from the drill itself, so that friction is greatly reduced.

Gravel drill

With slightly rounded, oblique scoops which pull themselves downward in the gravel. Any stones present are clamped between the drill sides. Finer soil material (coarse sand with fine gravel) is retained in the drill bit.

Stone catcher

The stone catcher is used to collect and remove stones that prevent proper sampling with one of the other drill bits.

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