Packaging unit

10 m roll

Please note

The pressure figures are maximum values (bursting pressure) under optimum ambient conditions. The user is responsible for determining any suitability!

Detailed information

The PE hose is characterized by its robustness and reliability. It is suitable for high operating requirements with less flexibility and can be used for pressure applications. It is made of high-quality polyethylene, which gives it excellent resistance to (non-oxidizing) acids, alkalis, salts and a variety of solvents. The hose is very light and dimensionally stable up to + 80 °C. PE hoses have good transparency for optimum visual inspection and have excellent odor and taste neutrality properties.

Typical application area of the product

The PE hose is widely used in various sectors such as industry, food processing, chemicals, mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the construction industry, the beverage industry, laboratory technology, compressed air distribution and many more. It is ideal for transporting liquids, air and slightly abrasive materials.

  • PE hose


General material


Tubing dimensions

Outer Ø:
5 mm
Inside Ø:
3 mm
Material thickness:
1 mm

Roll length

Total length:
1000 cm

Field of application

Pressure max.:
13 cash
Temperature Use of:
-40 °C
Temperature Use up to:
95 °C

Material hardness

Shore hardness:
A 80 ± 3
To the list of chemical resistance