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Pay attention to the chemical resistance of the materials! See also List of chemical resistance

Detailed information

Nitrile gloves provide reliable protection against oils, greases, acids, solvents and many other liquids.

With a cotton flocked liner and full nitrile rubber (NBR) coating, the gloves are comfortable, flexible and offer a good sense of touch and dexterity. The grip structure on the palm provides a secure grip even in wet conditions. The ergonomic shape and high flexibility ensure a comfortable fit. The high mechanical abrasion resistance ensures a long service life.

The gloves are certified according to EN 388:2016 and EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type A.

Typical application area of the product

The protective gloves are suitable for all areas where chemicals or other aggressive liquids are handled, e.g. in the automotive industry, in the chemical industry, in the printing industry, in laboratories and in agriculture (pesticides, stable cleaning, etc.).

  • Nitrile safety gloves


General material

Nitrile butadiene rubber




33 cm

Thick material

Material thickness:
0.38 mm
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Rubiflex protective gloves

Rubiflex gloves with ergonomic fit and long life. Reliable protection against chemicals and mechanical loads. Reinforced cotton interlock liner and NBR coating for durability and thermal insulation.
SafetyBox SafetyBox


The goggles and gloves are neatly stored in a box that not only ensures hygiene, but also provides quick access when needed. This means they are always at hand for use in different working environments.
Eyes Fresh mini eye shower Eyes Fresh mini eye shower

Eyes Fresh mini eye shower

The compact Eyes Fresh mini eye shower is easy to install on any standard cold water tap. The eye shower function is activated by opening the tap and the eye shower is immediately ready for use.
Eyewash bottle Eyewash bottle

Eyewash bottle

The eyewash bottle should be kept in a central location near a sink or other source of water. In the event of an accident involving the eyes, the bottle is immediately filled with tap water and the eyes rinsed.
Holder for eye wash bottle

Holder for eye wash bottle

The wall holder is a useful addition to the eyewash bottle. The eyewash bottle can be safely stored in the holder and placed within easy reach of a sink, so that it is readily available in an emergency.
HotGrip HotGrip


Hand protection made of silicone rubber highly resistant to cold and heat. Protects fingers and hands from burns and freezing when working with apparatus which has extreme temperatures. HotGrip is resistant to temperatures from -50 °C to +200 °C (briefly up to +250 °C). Deep frozen, hot or even boiling substances and apparatus can be safely handled and positioned. Silicone rubber is extremely elastic and slip-proof, so that even smooth surfaced apparatus such as hot glass flasks can be securely gripped.