OTAL® liquid transfer pumps

filling off liquids quickly, safely and cleanly

The OTAL® pump program has been on the market for more than 65 years. The pumps are popular and appreciated thanks to their easy handling in daily use.
Thanks to the simple stopper system, OTAL® pumps can be used for all common containers. The OTAL® Mini allows even very small containers to be filled.

Only the tube comes into contact with the liquid when OTAL® pumps are used, so that a great deal of liquid can be filled off using the tube materials PP, PE, PVDF and stainless steel V2A. The different tube diameters make individual adjustments to required transfer volumes possible.

The OTAL® foot pump has another great advantage, particularly when filling aggressive media. It is designed so that both hands are free during the pumping process.

  • Optionally available as a foot or hand pump
  • Universal bungs for container openings of 30 – 70 mm diameter
  • Tubes made of PP, PE, PVDF or stainless steel V2A for different liquids

The bung has to fit!

Filling with the proven OTAL® pumps is particularly easy as the liquid is forced out of the container by the excess air pressure. The liquid flow is steady, without pulsating. However, it is important that the connection between the pump and the container is airtight. This is ensured by the universal bung made of soft PVC.
The universal bung consists of 3 parts, a conical centre (1) and 2 conical sleeves (2 and 3) which can be moved up and down the conical centre. This means that it is possible to obtain an airtight seal between OTAL® pumps and container openings with a diameter of 30 to 70 mm.

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