Mounting Dosing pump Dosi-Pump

Fixing the pump to the container

Before purchasing please consider:

The Dosing pump is mounted by you on your existing container closure. Take the diameter of the drillhole from the table.



Drillhole  Ø Item number

Dosing pump Dosi-Pump 4 ml

21 mm 5607-1004

Dosing pump Dosi-Pump 30 ml

28,5 mm


Dosing pump Dosi-Pump 30 ml, fixed feeding tube

22 mm 5607-3030

Dosing pump Dosi-Pump 100 ml, fixed feeding tube

28,5 mm 5607-4100

Dosing pump Dosi-Pump 250 ml, fixed feeding tube

28,5 mm 5607-5250



1.  Drilling drillhole

Drill the drillinghole in the container closure on which you want to mount the Pump. 

(Drillhole's diameter see the table above.)


2. Loosing threaded nut

Screw threaded nut counterclockwise to loose it from the Dosi-Pump.

3. Inserting pump through

Insert the Dosi-Pump from above through the drillinghole of the container closure.

4. Fixing Dosi-Pump

Fix the Dosi-Pump from below with the threaded nut on the container closure.

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