Bürkle is a climate neutral company

The protection of the environment is the responsibility of all of us. We as a company are also aware of this. It is our goal to act in a way, that conserves resources as much as possible as well as reducing emissions – and through our sustainable actions, we have also been certified as a Climate Neutral Company since 2021.

Our measures for sustainable action:

With various measures – small and large – we work every day to act sustainably and ensure our climate neutrality:

Photovoltaic system

With over 1000 m2 of solar panels and over 1240 hours of sunshine a year in Bad Bellingen, we feed our power source. This allows us to reduce our CO2 emissions by more than 136 tons per year.

Renewable energies

We purchase green electricity. The combination of green electricity and self-generated electricity means that our electricity consumption is 100 percent emission-free.

Optimised manufacturing process

We have optimised all production processes to be as sustainable as possible.

Energy-efficient heat

Our heating system is fed from groundwater using heat exchangers, and we also discharge process heat into the heating system.

Saving energy

Sensors in the warehouse ensure, that the light is only switched on when an employee walks down a shelf aisle.


Charging stations for electric cars are installed on the company premises and we are increasingly using electric cars as company cars.

Saving resources

Not only in production, but also in administration, we design all processes to be as sustainable as possible, for example through the increased use of digital invoices.

LaboPlast® Bio and SteriPlast® Bio

For the production of our LaboPlast® Bio and SteriPlast® Bio products, only plastic made from renewable raw materials is used.

Climate-neutral shipping

We participate in the GLS KlimaProtect programme - this means that parcel shipping via General Logistics Systems Germany GmbH & Co. OHG is handled in a completely climate-neutral manner.

Holistic sustainability

Sustainability and environmental protection are ongoing processes and not a one-time project. Therefore, in our daily work, we always try to identify new ways that support our sustainable actions and can help to protect our environment. However, despite all the measures we take, as a manufacturer of pumps, samplers and laboratory equipment, we can only reduce the use of resources and emissions and never completely prevent them.

In order to ensure that we act in a holistic, sustainable manner, we have decided to have our greenhouse gas balance calculated regularly by Fokus Zukunft, an external sustainability consultancy, independent of the industry. The balance sheet provides information about a company's annual CO2 emissions and shows potential savings as well as the possibility of offsetting emissions by purchasing climate protection certificates.

EcoVadis certification

EcoVadis is an internationally renowned testing organisation that carries out sustainability assessments and helps companies to continuously improve their performance. In 2023, we were certified and received the silver medal for our sustainability efforts. This award places us in the top 25% of all comparable companies assessed and underlines our commitment to continuous improvement.

ACT Label

To ensure increased transparency in the area of sustainability, products in the LaboPlast® Bio and SteriPlast® Bio lines have carried the ACT label since 2023. This label provides information on how the product performs in various criteria, including production, impact of use, product life cycle and innovation.

Climate protection certificates

We have recorded the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our company's activities and offset them by purchasing a total of 978 climate protection certificates for the year 2023. With these certificates, we support a biomass project in Chile, a wind energy project in Mexico and a hydropower project in Vietnam, which were CER'd under the auspices of the United Nations.
The detailed project descriptions can be found at: https://www.fokus-zukunft.com/en/emission-reduction-projects.

The emissions balance was calculated using the official Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines.
Within the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, emissions are divided into Scopes 1, 2 and 3, each comprising different types of greenhouse gas emissions. Scope 1 includes direct emissions from own energy plants. Scope 2 includes emissions that occur indirectly in the provision of energy to the company. Scope 3 emissions are further indirect emissions that occur throughout the value chain.

Climate-neutral company

Through the sustainable use of resources, reduced emissions and the support of climate projects, we have been certified as a Climate Neutral Company by Fokus Zukunft. This means that we act sustainably and completely offset the CO2 emissions that we emit through our work at Bürkle. The certification as a Climate Neutral Company is a decisive step for us to ensure sustainable action and to protect our environment.

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