Химическая устойчивость пластмасс

Пластмассы и их свойства - Вязкость жидкостей

  • The tables “Chemical resistance of plastics”, “Plastics and their properties” and “Viscosity of liquids" as well as the information about chemical resistance given in the particular product descriptions have been drawn up based on information provided by various raw material manufacturers. These values are based solely on laboratory tests with raw materials. Plastic components produced from these raw materials are frequently subject to influences that cannot be recognized in laboratory tests (temperature, pressure, material stress, effects of chemicals, construction features, etc.). For this reason the values given are only to be regarded as being guidelines. In critical cases it is essential that a test is carried out first. No legal claims can be derived from this information; nor do we accept any liability for it. A knowledge of the chemical and mechanical resistance alone is not sufficient for the evaluation of the usability of a product. For example, the regulations concerning flammable liquids (explosion prevention) must also be taken into consideration.

    Химическая устойчивость
  • Пластмассы и их свойства

    Пластмассы и их свойства
  • Вязкость жидкостей

    Вязкость жидкостей

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