During powder separation checks and purity validations of powders, liquids and semi-solid substances, special ­procedures (unit-dose-sampling) must be employed to achieve the desired results.

Special sampling methods, which are required ­especially in the pharmaceutical industry in ­conformance with FDA and GMP specifications, require samplers with special features.

  • High degree of preciseness
  • Groove-free surfaces, electro­polished if possible
  • AISI 316 stainless steel or PTFE materials
  • Sterilisable
  • Easy and perfect cleaning

Many Bürkle Samplers fulfill these demands, have been tested in actual practice, and are distinguished by ­especially sturdy and precise machining.


Pharma zone sampler for sampling according to FDA guidelines for unit-dose sampling

Novartos is a pharma zone sampler for unit-dose sampling:

  • For various sampling depths with simultaneous double sample (Duo-Sampler).
  • Precise volume calibration with 40 exchangeable sample inserts with volumes from 0.1 ml to 4.0 ml, in increments of 0.1 ml.

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