Hose connectors

Bürkle LaboPlast®

Bürkle offers a large portfolio of different hose connectors that are used to extend, connect, branch, join and repair hoses, etc.
The ranges of application are diverse and thus the requirements for shape, size and material properties are broadly based.
We produce our LaboPlast® hose connectors in many sizes and shapes (I, T, Y, X, L) to be able to also safeguard a flexible and safe solution and connection for demanding applications at all times.
We offer these connectors made of polypropylene as standard. However here we would like to point out our connectors made of PVDF (polyvenylidene fluoride).

PVDF – for demanding ­applications


PVDF is a fluoropolymer with superior product ­properties:

  • Highest chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance (up to 160 °C)
  • Food industry approval
  • Autoclavable
  • UV-resistant

If you value high-quality and flexible solutions for demanding applications, test our unique connector made of PVDF.
Improve your connections – with Bürkle LaboPlast® PVDF hose connectors!


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