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See what needs to be considered when taking samples, find out about the chemical resistance of plastics or watch the products in action on our YouTube channel.

Take samples - but do it right

How analysis produces the correct result!

When taking samples, a random test is taken from an overall quantity. These samples serve as the basis for the analysis regarding quality assurance. The correct procedure for taking spot samples is therefore a very important subject. Only with representative and authentic samples can reliable information about the quality, properties or composition of a particular material be provided.

Very precise material analyses can be carried out with the most up-to-date technology. However, the technology is no good if ...

Fill off liquids - but do it safely

Safety is the top priority

Dangerous liquids must never be filled off by directly pouring them out. Even the use of a funnel does not provide the required degree of safety when bottling dangerous liquids.

Bürkle on YouTube

Bürkle products in use

How is the Withdrawal system for solvents used? How does the application of the pharmaceutical sampler Novartos work? Discover these and other Bürkle products on our YouTube channel.

Chemical resistance

of plastics

Please pay attention to the chemical resistance of materials!

Viscosity of liquids

The right pump for each liquid

Pumps are used in widely different fields of application. Bürkle offers a large number of different versions. However, when choosing a ­suitable pump several criteria must be considered.
The most important are the viscosity, structure and density of the liquid...

Plastics and their properties

Material properties

What are the temperature application ranges for PP? Can I sterilise HDPE? How flexible is PTFE?...

Advertise with your good name

Bürkle products as advertising medium

Many articles in this catalog are outstandingly suitable for carrying your advertisements. No matter whether as a promotional gift or as a supplement to your own product: your name is always present.


with individual customer-specific special printing


Custom-made according to the customer’s specifications!

We would be happy to help you design your own close-it. Do you need final ­artwork for your draft? Or would you like to use our complete graphics service from draft stage through the print process? Our advertising department would be happy to consider any challenge!



Company & product certificates

Here you can find our company certificates, such as CoC, and our product certificates, such as the irradiation certificate or food certificate.


Bürkle is a climate neutral company

The protection of the environment is the responsibility of all of us. We as a company are also aware of this. It is our goal to act in a way, that conserves resources as much as possible as well as reducing emissions – and through our sustainable actions, we have also been certified as a Climate Neutral Company.


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