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OTAL® liquid transfer pumps

The OTAL® pump program has been on the market for 60 years. The pumps are popular and appreciated thanks to their easy handling in daily use.
Thanks to the simple stopper system, OTAL® pumps can be used for all common containers.

Bürkle LaboPlast® hose connectors

PVDF – for demanding ­applications

Bürkle offers a large portfolio of different hose connectors that are used to extend, connect, branch, join and repair hoses, etc.


with individual customer-specific special printing

Custom-made according to the customer’s specifications!

We would be happy to help you design your own close-it. Do you need final ­artwork for your draft? Or would you like to use our complete graphics service from draft stage through the print process? Our advertising department would be happy to consider any challenge!

LaboPlast® from Bürkle

the quality brand for laboratories and science

Advertise with your good name

Bürkle products as advertising medium

Many articles in this catalog are outstandingly suitable for carrying your advertisements. No matter whether as a promotional gift or as a supplement to your own product: your name is always present.

SteriPlast® from Bürkle

high-quality, ergonomically shaped disposable products

Bürkle goes Bio

Bio products made of Green PE

LaboPlast® bio-products are only manufactured from renewable raw materials. SteriPlast® bio-products are also sterilised by gamma rays. To create a completely sustainable product, the individual packaging is also made of bio-PE.

Mounting Dosing pump Dosi-Pump

Fixing the pump to the container

Dosing pumps are mounted by you in your existing container closure. To do this, a suitable hole is drilled in the cap...

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